About Us

We concern as customers concern: Commitment, Trust, Reliability, Quality.

1. if they have a reliable manufacturer back up in the mainland China 2. if they are experienced in providing customize sample just by a clear sketch 3. if they can provide you wide range of products like Bag: Cosmetic bags , PVC packing bags, Nylon bags, Travel bags, lady bags, sport bags ...etc or other related fashion accessories like scarf, we believe bags and scarf are a good matching items. We have specialized factory for fashion scarves as well, which have more than 200 weaving machines, thousands of patterns. We are more focus on pashmina shawl, mens scarf, mesh scarf, silk scarf, printed/painted scarf, beach sarong/pareo, satin scarf, linen scarf, viscose/rayon scarf, acrylic scarf, polyester scarf etc...wide range of summer & winter fashion scarf, you can visit our linked website for more information about us 4.if they can guarantee the quality of goods, punctual delivery 5.if they can achieve to have new design of bag serious in every 2 months & new ideas keep launching
Without your support, it is not possible for us to achieve our agreement, please call, fax, or email us anytime